The following links to professional web sites that include information about vulval diseases take you outside the The Australian and New Zealand Vulvovaginal Society site and are provided for reference only – the ANZVS does not necessarily endorse their contents.

Educational resources – for patients


Sexual and vulvovaginal pain
Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia
Vulval Pain Society brochures  
National Vulvodynia Association online tutorial  
Pelvic Floor Project  
Pain Toolkit  


Vulvovaginal health after menopause
Australia Menopause Society fact sheets  
Vaginal health after breast cancer  


Skin problems
British Association of Dermatologists brochures  
Care down there  
DermNet NZ Genital skin problems  
Skin Support UK  
Jean Hailes info on vulval conditions  


Vulval diversity – what is ‘normal’?
Labia Library  
Brooks healthy lives for young people  
Love your vulva  
Great Wall of Vagina  
The Vulva Gallery  


Sexual health – wellness, pregnancy prevention, and sexually transmitted infections
Family Planning NZ Advice about sexual health
Family Planning ACT health brochures  
Shine South Australia Sexual Health Matters podcast